Artist to Pro upgrade, sales and discounts

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I just bought myself an older version of Cubase from someone. It’s a whole box of Cubase 7 Artist including the USB dongle with a registered licence. The license has been transferred from the seller’s Steinbergs account to mine, and I can see, that it’s actually Cubase 8 Artist. I am assuming that it has been upgraded from 7 - I don’t know if it was a paid upgrade or something that Steinberg did for free, but anyway…

I would love to upgrade my Artist to a Pro version of Cubase but not necessarily to the newest version of Cubase. In other words, I would rather have Cubase 7 (or 7.5) Pro than 12 or 13 Pro, if I can save some money. But I don’t mind upgrading to the latest version of Pro if the price is ok.

The main reason for me preferring 7 (or 7.5) over newer versions is this: I still like to use high contrast (dark mode) theme in Windows 10 and sometimes in Windows 7, as well. And from what I understand, Cubase 8 (and later) only launches when using Aero/Glass Windows theme, which then results in white GUI elements, especially the menus. And that really messes with my eyes, especially in the evening.

Steinberg support gave me this link Steinberg Checkout to upgrade my Artist version to Pro, but I’m wondering - is this price ($329) fixed or is there any possibility of a discount in the future?

I’ve heard something about Cubase being on sale in the summer (40% off?), but I’m not sure if it’s also the case with upgrades like this one.

I also heard that sometimes it’s possible to purchase certain products (or upgrades?) at a discount without Steinberg announcing it publicly, which is also really confusing to me. So, I’m wondering if this is the case with Artists to Pro upgrades, as well?

I’ve read a few topics about updating versus upgrading Cubase (I’m still not sure of the difference). And about different combinations of buying the newest version of Pro vs upgrading from (older vs newer) Elements or Artist. It’s all very confusing to me, but from what I understand, it’s much more expensive to buy the newest version of Pro (without having any previous versions) and then just keep upgrading from Pro to Pro on each new version of Cubase, compared to, say, having an older version of Cubase (Elements or Artist) and upgrading it from that to the newest version of Cubase Pro. But I might be wrong and the rules might have changed?

So, this is what I’m looking for: The smartest and cheapest way for me to upgrade my 8 Artist to (any) Pro. And I would love to hear any suggestions.

As far as I understand, Steinberg only allows you to upgrade to the latest version of Cubase (Pro), is that correct? So, if I want to upgrade from 8 Artist to (any) Pro, Steinberg will only allow me to upgrade to 13 Pro?

I don’t mind upgrading to 12 Pro or lower. Actually, I would prefer upgrading to a lower version, as long as it’s a Pro, and if it’s cheaper, than upgrading to 13 Pro, but I’m not sure if it’s even possible?

But if it’s not possible - Let’s say I upgrade to the newest version of Cubase Pro. Will the license on my USB dongle be updated/upgraded after that to give me the ability to use older versions of Cubase Pro, as well? So if I upgrade my 8 Artist to 13 Pro, can I still use Cubase 7 but as Pro, using my USB dongle?

I apologize for this topic being so long, but I really wanted to condense as many relevant questions as possible into one big topic, instead of creating several of them.

I hope someone can help

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means Artist to Artist, just newer version

means Artist to pro, includes the newest version

Yes, correct.

The Upgrade would allow the use of all versions that support the dongle up until C11PRO.
Cubase 12 and 13 don’t use the dongle any more.

You can click through the online shop to see which options are available.

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Yes, I’ve heard that Cubase 12+ is dongle-free, but if I upgrade my old license to Pro, how will my current Artist USB-dongle know, that it is now Pro dongle? Is there a process where I “let it know” through eLicenser, that it is now a Pro license? And then I can use older versions (including Cubase 7) of Cubase as Pro, as well?

Because if I can’t use Cubase 7 Pro, after upgrading to Cubase 13 Pro, then it’s bad news for me.

What Is a Cubase Upgrade? | Steinberg This is all I found. I don’t think I have that many options in my situation, unless I misunderstood you.

EDIT: What you said: “the use of all versions”, I wasn’t sure if you meant the version numbers of Cubase, or the Elements, Artist, Pro. Or both. Sorry, it’s just confusing to me…

Just click “Buy Cubase” and select the Edition you want. That shows you what is available.
Don’t click on “Add to cart” unless you are sure what you need or want.

Should be. You get asked for the licence to upgrade, and this licence will transform in a licence for Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase with Steinberg Licensing)

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I hope it will work (using old Cubase versions as Pro)

I meant, this is my only option to get Pro on all versions:

Cubase Pro 13

Upgrade from

  • Cubase Artist 11
  • Cubase Artist 10.5
  • Cubase Artist 10
  • Cubase Artist 9.5
  • Cubase Artist 9
  • Cubase Artist 8.5
  • Cubase Artist 8
  • Cubase Artist 7.5
  • Cubase Artist 7
  • Cubase Artist 6.5
  • Cubase Artist 6

Also, are there any discounts on this kind of upgrade? Can I save a bit of money, if I wait a bit?

Could be possible.

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Ok, thanks again for your time. I’ll let the topic stay open for a while to see if anyone else knows anything regarding using old Pro with new Pro license and regarding discounts. Merry Christmas to you!

Sale on now.

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