Artist To Pro

Hello there,
Today I was buy Cubase Pro 9. (Upgrate From Artist 9)
I will need to re-install the software with pro setup;


svennilenni is correct, there is no need to re-install the software. Artist and Pro use the same executable files. The license determines which bits work.

I am not 100% but I do believe there are some differences in included content, however.

No there aren’t.

The comparison says Pro has 3000 Vsti sounds and Artist has 2600. I seem to recall seeing HSSE preset libraries called “Basic”, “Artist”, and “Pro”. So, just make sure you have the Pro preset library.

As said, the license governs what is available. All of the content will have been installed and will become available once the license is updated.

OMG… I was w8ing months for Cubase upgrate plan sale… Today I give all the amount (249) and cubase release the summer sales… 40% off… I want to cry.

Haha me too… from 8.5 Pro To 9 Pro…