Artistic choice question

Okay… if you had a big closing number, a tragic ballad full of thundering guitars, strings, and even boys choir :laughing: , would you have the final, big solo played by a

A. soaring lead guitar

B. roaring tenor sax

C. other

This sing is somewhat Floyd-esque… but even there we have examples using both A and B – A in “Comfortably Numb” and B on one of the big ballads from “The Final Cut” (which, incidentally, is one of the most overlooked records ever made)

Thanks for the input –


Context: I would have to hear the composition first.

If you have a thundering guitars, strings, and boys choir, for a tremendous crescendo, counterpointing your guitars, strings and boys choir together would tie it all together.

But again, I haven’t even heard the piece and “Thundering Guitars” is a expression I am unfamiliar with.

Screw it. Just dump a lot of reverb on it and you’ll be good.

I vote for a hard-sync lead synth :sunglasses:

You? Really?!?!?! :mrgreen:

Nothing more Floydian than a wailing Gilmore-esque guitar lead.

lol … :laughing:

A short but super ‘tasty’ Floyd type guit solo


Played in unison by every single instrument/vox in the orch. (drums/perc included)
Lyrics could even be given to the choir to ‘sing’ the solo.


I’ll try to put up a rough mix of the tune, without vocals, in the next 24 hours – hopefully the context will help me decide. It was always meant to be a guitar solo, but lately I just keeping we have enough guitar solos to last us all awhile –

How ‘bout an ‘air’ guitar solo? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

4’ 33 of silence, might make you famous.

My preference for such things is a sound created via Pod Farm 2.5:

  1. Blue Compressor Treble
  2. Hiway 100 (models an amplifier which fits Pink Floydish songs quite well)
  3. The american style preamp
  4. Analog delay
  5. Analog chorus

This would give you something to love. Really love. Thats my preferred guitar lead sound.

Play on a Stratocaster with the Neck pickup selected, preferably an instrument with a maple fingerboard.

Oooooh… ooooooh… ooooooh…

(When I was a kid this was all I thought about. Now I can actually click a few times and have exactly this sound. When I bought my Stratocaster actually my dearest childhood dream came true.

I have to add that I had a picture of David Gilmour with his red Stratocaster above my bed through all of my teenage years.)

And yes, I agree… The Final Cut is one of “their” best albums (actually it was a “Roger Waters album performed by Pink Floyd”, just sayin’…).

Can’t count the hearts I have melted with my piano version of the title track… :wink:

How about a heavy/death metal monster voice rant?

Mauri :wink:.

Hmmm… let me think, what would I choose?..


C. A Piccolo solo? :laughing: