arts|UNMUTED qb - ultimate control surface for Liine Lemur

[/color]Hi all Nuendo users,

I am not sure if I can start this post here - but I think it can be very useful for Cubase and Nuendo community. My apologies if I break some spamming rules.

I am excited to present arts|UNMUTED qb – the ultimate control surface for Cubase and Nuendo for Liine Lemur for iPad. qb offers almost 1000 unique controllers organized in logical workflow groups that ensure comprehensive control over:

project, MIDI and audio editors,
selected channel settings,
automation panel,
mixer settings,
control room
and mediabay.

Apart from that, qb features the menus module that reflects the menu system in Cubase and Nuendo. Now you you can touch almost all commands available in your favourite DAW! Additionally, many controllers offer bi-directional communication which ensures proper feedback on changing tracks or automation.

arts|UNMUTED qb is not another Mackie Control emulation. It has been designed as a modern full blown control surface offering the functionality known from expensive consoles like Avid MC Pro (which was a source of inspiration for some parts and mechanisms implemented in qb). The template is heavily scripted and contains many dynamic elements that interact with you upon selection.

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This announcement is indeed against the spam rules of this forum.
However, in the past, we have always allowed one announcement of a new product, so this should be OK too.
And very probably, this will be discussed by our users anyway.
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