Arturia collection V5?

Hi, I had to reinstall my OS and I reinstalled all my programs. I am using the latest version of cubase Artist and when I load my songs I have no problem recalling old presets from other software instances. However, for whatever reason Arturia does not recall the old presets that I have chosen. It seems to be the only software that I have this problem with. Native instruments remembers exactly what I had loaded before, softubes, izotope, etc. Is there a fix for this, because I have no way of knowing which patches were used and I need to have those be automatically recalled. Thank you so much!

I would post a support request with Arturia…they are more likely to be able to help on this.

But to be clear what the problem is, you open projects and it opens the correct instruments but not with the correct settings?

No, it opens the wrong instruments or sometimes none:(
Weird because all my other software is just fine. Parameters, patches, etc

Are you certain you installed the same plugin type you had before - VST2 or VST3?

Grim! I salute you! You get a hug. Thank you for that idea. What was happening was the vst3 was over riding the vst 2 (which is what I used when I made these songs). Thank you so much!