Arturia does not "officially" support Nuendo

I want to share some news from Arturia that I wish I had before I purchased their V Collection 4. They do not officially support Nuendo.

This came from Arturia Tech Support in a response to issues I am having with their 64-bit plugins causing NI Komplete Kontrol Standalone to hang while scanning plugins during startup. My initial question had nothing to do with Nuendo as the plugins didn’t even work standalone. Here is the text of their message:

Are you trying to launch it in nuendo through the Komplete Kontrol or with Komplete Kontrol Standalone ?
As we are not officially compatible with Nuendo.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Musically Yours…

I have sent them a message asking how they can make VST plugins and not support Nuendo, as VST is a Steindberg invention and licensed technology. No response yet.

Many of the Arturia soft synths do “work” standalone now that I put the VST files in their proper folder and selectively removed Spark, which does not work for me at all.

Trying them in Nuendo is a different story. Should point out that the Mac version works better than the Windows version. Windows versions seem very crash prone. My Windows system is a high spec 64 bit Win 7 machine (X99, 64GB-DDR4,i7-5820K, 1TB-SSD …) so not for lack of resources. I have uninstalled V Collection 4 on Windows at this time, life is back to normal.

Hopefully Arturia will change their tune regarding Nuendo soon.