Arturia keyboard essential mk2 : can you use the big central knob to navigate tracks?

Hello, can I programm the big knob to navigate in my track list ?
I have bome midi translator just in case …

Using Cubase 12 and its dedicated script for the Essential MK2?

yes cubase 12 and the dedicated script
I have it linked to the pre gain
what is the parameter that correspond to navigation up and down ?

I think there is no single command for this one, BUT please wait before trying my suggestion below, because maybe other users may know a dedicated command.

In case there is not one, we have to get a bit more advanced here than trying to assign via the mapping assistant unfortunately. Furthermore, note that Navigate Up/Down is not exactly the same as Track Previous/Next since navigate will take you to the first non-empty track up or down.

Now, the thing is that the dedicated script is in the Public subFolder and we cannot simply edit it, because upon Cubase’s restart, it will override whatever changes we’ve made. So, we have to work on the original script, create our own, which eventually will be stored in the Local subfolder.

You can try the following procedure:

  • Download the file I attach.

  • Open Cubase, go to Midi Remote Manager, go to the tab Scripts, and deactivate the running default script (Keylab Essential, all of them), by clicking “Disable Controller Script”.

  • Click on “Import Script” and select the file you’ve downloaded.

If everything goes well (I’m not an Essential’s user to properly test the script), after creating a new instance of midi remote using this custom script, the jog will now be assigned to Track Previous/Next. HOWEVER, whatever assignments you’ve previously made, will be lost and you have to reassign them , since we now have a complete new installation.

Obviously, if things don’t go well, you can always just disable the custom script and re-enable the original script.

Arturia_KeyLab Essential Custom.midiremote (7.3 KB)