Arturia Keystep 37 MIDI Remote Script

Hi all, I’m looking for the MIDI Remote script for my Arturia Keystep 37.
This is quite a popular product in the world, so I’m surprised that Steinberg didn’t provide it already in the first installation of Cubase… I tried to create one but couldn’t.
Is anyone more skilled?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

What do you want to control in Cubase? To me it seems super simple to make the script by using the Mapping Assistant in Cubase. There are only few controls on the hardware.

Hi, thanks, I just tried several times to map the 4 knobs but it never worked for me.
I think I’m missing something fundamental… :thinking:
I just wish they controlled like the control I touch with the mouse or the plugin I opened in foreground


Have you created the layout already? Have you set up the MIDI Ports properly?

In this case you don’t need more than 1 encoder. Use the Mouse Pointer (AI Knob) > Value at Mouse Pointer.

In this case use the Focus Quick Controls.

This is what I ended up doing…
I found the automatic mapping quite illogical, I’m used to the old Novation Nocturn which worked better in my opinion. Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how you resolve this?
When i try to map / create the script, Cubase doesn’t ‘learn’ / receive my midi signal, when i turn the 4 knobs of the Keystep 37.
Any suggestion?

Jus found why!!
I was in CHORD mode, and not BANK 1 !
press SHIFT + CHORD to go to Bank 1 and then Cubase recognize it, of course :slight_smile: