Arturia Keystep with Elements 8/HALion SE how to set up?

Hey guys, first post, thanks for running this forum, and to anyone reading!

I’ve just bought an Arturia Keystep to control HALion in Cubase Elements 8. I’ve installed the Keystep successfully, registered it as well, and the factory MIDI center software of Arturia too, which sees incoming notes from the keyboard as I play it, so the hardware is functional.

I opened up a project in Elements 8, created an instrument track with HALion, and set the input in the channel strip to the Keystep, so Cubase also sees the controller. The output goes to the stereo bus, just like audio tracks.
Problem is, it doesn’t work this way. I get no sound out of HALion pressing keys on the Arturia, but if I press a key on the VST interface piano keyboard at the bottom with the mouse, I get a sound.

What needs to be done? What is missing? What am I to do to make it function as intended?

Thanks for reading and for useful advice!