Arturia MicroFreak MIDI problems

Hi all,

I am a new MicroFreak user and I am having serious problems with the MIDI and also Sync configuration. Basically the setup is correct and I am sure I’ve done nothing wrong till now.

The Microfreak behavior is very bad in USB MIDI at least. Sync is working but when I go to Arp/Seq mode it blocks or it produces a continuous sound, basically it doesn’t work. It seems there is a problem with the MIDI Output signal, something like a conflict. In fact, if I turn off the MIDI OUT channel and I turn on Local On in it’s parameters, everything works perfectly.

No I am wondering if somebody of you has this hardware and how you’re using with Cubase without issues! I am in contact with Arturia’s support as well but the process is slow and I had no positive results yet.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Dionysios -

Hi all!

I think I’ve found the SOLUTION to the problem!!!

Basically, as you can see from the screenshot I’ve included here (Cubase_MIDI_Thru.jpg), the option MIDI Thru is active in my Cubase Preferences and this thing creates a sort of MIDI Loop to the instrument which is the reason of the abnormal behavior.

So, the solution to this which is quite logical now, is to activate the Input Transformer on it’s MIDI Cubase Track channel and set it to LOCAL.

Now everything works perfectly!

I am not sure if this is normal but many users are having the same issue and it’s a shame…


Dionysios -