Arturia Mini Moog V Original Free 1 day only

Its a giveaway today (June 21st) only. Best to go to their Facebook page

got it. had a lot of trouble doing it through their website, but found them on facebook, clicked link and got email this morning with serial. works great. ed

Hmm waiting now for over 27hours and no mail ;(

Congrats anyway

Ham-handed attempt to data-mine new users in exchange for a cut-down version of a product that is neither upgradable nor supported by Arturia. Sending the downloaders to the Torrents site says it all.

Meanwhile got it :wink: the serial but next thing is if you will use the moogfx on a audiofile you can load it but nothing will happen :wink:

Ah well, got my sister to register for it on Facebook, they didn’t get my data and I got my synth, all good :sunglasses:

For the life of me ,I can’t see how this is “ham handed”. It’s a great sounding vst for a FB like and an email.You can’t buy a vst or soundset online these days with opening an account which is way more info. This is free and sounds great and no account bs. Also torrent sites are often used to distribute legit files. That was a great idea on their part as it saved me from waiting for a server that was already jammed

Don’t understand whining about free synths

He probably missed it :mrgreen:


Read it, made it, got it, install it -> all fine with me and this give away.

Thanks for the announcement.