Arturia - MiniLab Mk II NOT showing in MIDI Remote despite it being supported+rant

Arturia - MiniLab Mk II
Windows 10

2nd day of learning new Cubase Pro 12 and with work for clients that must be done by Monday, and NO replys from Steinberg issues I decided to hook up my backup controller
and guess what IT DOES NOT EVEN SHOW UP despite it being supported in Pro 12.

Come Steinberg WHERE ARE YOU?
I hve been loyal to you since Cubase SX but I am very unhappy with the level of hardly any support you offer.

You launch a new Cubase close to a weekend, knowing there would be lots of users needing Tech support, show you should have had extra staff working.

It is just not good enough that on your website you are directing users to these forums for tech support when none of your own tech support team hardly frequent the forums. You are expecting your own customers to provide tech support (free of charge) when that is YOUR job to do that.

If it seems I am ranting it is because I am, I am VERY VERY angry with Steinberg, it is affecting my ability to do my work, pay my bills and feed my family - and that makes it personal.

All of your customers deserve so much better from you.

So you have a Generic Remote in C11 and now you want to use the same GR in C12? That is absolutely possible. On Windows it will be in:

C:\Users\ your username \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 11_64

Add it from Studio Setup as usual, and use the import button. Should get you up and running.
If you just want the Arturia to work as it would out of the box, set it to the Cubase setting on the hardware.

If it isn’t showing up then it might not be set to visible in the MIDI Port setup.
And if it isn’t showing up there then maybe MIDI OX and see what is going on with your MIDI.

Or if you are on a Mac… I don’t know where the Generic Remote is. I use to, but you can look it up.

Your Cubase 11 installation still works. Please continue to use Cubase 11 until your new install is working reliably. In a pro situation it’s just good practice, and you will avoid embarrassment.

Hi Steve

Yes that is what I have done but its still annoying that Cubase Pro 12 does not work out of the box so to speak.

I’m a recording engineer not a software engineer :slightly_smiling_face:

I never said anything about generic remotes…

My SSL UF8 is so far away from being generic

and my Arturia MiniLab MK II is one of the controllers that Cubase Pro 12 claims it supports in MIDI Remote.

According to the blurb, all I should have to do is open Cubase, open a project with either audio or midi or both and it will automaticly appear in the MIDI Remote.

Not sure where your getting generic from.

Forgot to mention, that in Cubase Pro 11, all of my controllers are auto reconised and function as expected so it is certainly a Pro 12 issue.

Sorry for the trouble!

But you forgot to flag your topic with the midi-remote label

Hi @Jochen_Trappe

Its no trouble at all :grinning:

I have tagged it now.

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