Arturia Pigments 3 Drag and Drop not working

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Arturia’s Pigments 3 synthesizer has a sample engine that allows to load wav files via drag and drop. This works as expected in the standalone version and Windows explorer and I also saw that it’s working in other DAWs like Ableton Live.

In Cubase 11 Pro however, drag and drop is not working. Not from the timeline and not even from the Media Bay. This is really a workflow killer. As it is working in other DAWs I assume that this is something Steinberg has to look into but I also posted this issue on the Arturia Forum:



Of course, this is hard to guess, where it is, in the plug-in or in Cubase?

Drag and Drop works with other plug-ins in Cubase, so it’s definitely not a generic issue in Cubase.

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UPDATE: Draggin and Dropping from the Media Bay works with own samples stored as wav files. It’s not working with Cubase own sample libraries. I guess this is acceptable for me but nevertheless sample drag and dropping from the timeline would be still very cool to have.


Interesting. The built-in audio loops in Cubase are actually packed to the *.vstsound file. So these are not really common WAV files. This could explain it. At the other hand as a user, of course you would expect to handle them the same way as any other file.

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Hi Martin,

yes, you are right you would expect that. There is no reason to assume that there is any difference when you access those files from the media bay.

I have never been able to drag a clip from the timeline into any sampler plugin aside from the sampler track. I instead find it in the media pool, then find in win explorer and drag from there.

I assumed this was by design.

Come to think of it tho… if it did support dragging from timeline, should it crop to the clip region or drag the entire file over?

I was able to do this via MediaBay/Local file browser. Pretty interesting that I was unable to even import it via the import folder icon in Pigments!! The only way possible was to drag & drop from MediaBay. Steinberg needs to take Arturia out to lunch… work things out. Then close this thread.