Arturia Synths and Cubase 12

Does anyone get Arturia Synths maxing out now in Cubase 12?
I tried Juno 6 on the start up lead sound and it easily makes the peak meter go red without the Asio guard moving off bottom
Apart from certain sounds especially with Arturia everything looks ok

I don’t understand the question… turn up the volume if the signal is too low or turn it down if it’s too high.


It is nothing to do with volume and now a Steinberg man is on the case
It is to do with maxing out on the meters when you play the keys .
With certain sounds a few keys pressed sends the average and peak meters into the red and glitches occur.
This is happening to someone else and it all points to the Control room
Disengage the out put and re-engage and the meters do not max out any more especially for example Arturia JUN6V.
With Korg’s Wavestate the opposite happens. No music played the meters are high and when starting to play they go down.

Which meters? Peak metering is audio related…

Use the right terms please, this avoids confusion.

No issues here on Mac OS 12… And the one I use the most is Pigments, which if anything, thats the one that can easily bring a CPU to its knees with one patch. Just opened up a bunch of them and mashed down some chord keys. At idle the CPU meter in this patch is about 1/4 of one of the little blocks. When playing chords, the CZ/DX7/JP8/OBX maybe fill up the rest of that block, and the Jun-6 goes a little bit over. Nowhere near maxing out.

No issue here with the Juno 6V about any peaks …
what do you mean by ‘without the Asio guard moving off bottom’ … ?

When you open JUN6V and play the default sound the peak meter goes straight to red when playing both hands and a few other sounds here and there with the Aturia collection.
I do not get glitches or crackling though through normal.playing.
I have no trouble with Korg collection or Sampletank.
A developer named Fabio from steinberg said he replicated this on the mac, so i cannot be the only one. I do use the control room and i believe it has a few problems.
One guy said he gets maxing out , but when he disengages and re-engages the outputs in control room it is ok until a new instance of Cubase 12 is opened. Steinberg are looking into that.
I would have thought most synths should only max at the most half way on a single track.
So what ST is saying above is that the peak meter is audio related, so what is it about an instument tracks then. Are that not audio related??
As i said i do not get glitches, but it does look bad when the meter hits red after playing.
My Korg Wavestate i swould of thought could be heavy on the gas, but barely makes half way at the most.
The Asio Guard does not move off bottom when the Jun6V is played , so then it only must respond to wave files only. Is that right?
At the moment there is not a gret deal wrong, but i hate meters showing red. Annoying.

arturia plugins have always been cpu pigs concerning certain presets…i dont know why but ive always had same issue some are fine them some max out asio and glitch like mad.
try loading up the same preset in analog lab sometimes the preset concerned is less of a hit loading it in that than the actual synth plugin.
if youve already recorded your part and its still maxing out then raise your asio and render part as audio then unload the plugin that way youll save cpu power then once rendered return the asio to normal level.

I thought i mention that the peak meter does max on the JUN6V quite easily but the real time meter is just under half way .
I have a decent I7 machine on windows 11 with 32 gig ram, so is this the limitations of the I7 six core machine.
Luckily no glitches.

@st10ss John is obviously talking about the meters in the Audio Performance Window.

Unless you are experiencing audio dropouts, don’t worry about these performance meters.

No. Please read the user manual entry linked above.
In short, the ASIO guard only works on tracks that are not in either Monitor mode or Record Enabled mode.

I would expect Arturia’s virtual analog synths to be much more processor heavy that the Korg Wavestate which uses samples rather than algorithms.

Hi Mlindeb
I thought it best to say what i see even though it may be silly to some people but I cannot understand why the peak keeps hitting red on certain sounds espedcially Arturia but the live play meter does not go over half way and also no glitches.
Call it an observation rather than a moan.
I suppose the techies have an answer.

All the Best

The answer to this question can be found in the user manual. Please see the link in previous post.

Yeah, I realized it…

The manual has an answer too…

This might sound a bit simple but… Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Juno in the Arturia Software Center. Every now and then here, they seem to get a little wonky and start crapping out and overloading. Standalone will work great, but load them up as a VST/AU in a DAW and they just eat the cpu like nothing. Pigments does it more often than the rest but, thats also the one I use the most along with the SQ-80. When they start acting up, I’ll just uninstall and reinstall the problem child and they’re back to normal.

Hi M
I did try that unloading and re-loading and it did not change anything.
With the worst possible sound that maxes out the peak meter it does not glitch and real time is under half way.
The Standalone’s from Arturia have no problems and they all work great.
Apart from Arturia synths not all,the rest, no maxing out.
On the Jun6V it is certain sounds that go overboard and it replicates in the Lab.
I think it is best to untick the meters and all problems then will go away. Put a blinfold on it Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:
It is just not liking things going into the red as it makes you think, here we go again.

All the Best
John :slightly_smiling_face: