ARTURIA vCollection7 & the HiDPI ISSUE (plugins are off the frame)

Hi Guys

My Cubase (Nuendo in my case) won’t scale the VCollection back to correct size.

I opened Nuendo (HiDPI), added vCollection instrument as usual. I am using 150%DPI in windows and without any problems!! But I changed the DPI settings recently to 200% in windows (for the 1st time). Switched back to 150% DPI and since then I just can’t bring VCollection plugins back to adequate size as it was all the time (for months). Now they are all “off the frame”

I reinstalled all plugins, deleted temp folder inside of Arturia, nothing helps it to work as it worked before. All plugins (instruments) are now off the screen. Only 100%DPI shows them correctly, but Nuendo is unusable then, everthing is supersmall.

I know about this problem with 150% scaling in Nuendo (Cubase), but it worked for me very well for a long time. I don’t know, if there is any hidden value in windows registry, or some special file, to be deleted in Nuendo(Cubase) preferences folder, or the Arturias one - to bring that all to work again. PLEASE HELP ME, I am devastated. I red all forums, etc. Nothing solves this. And I need to work. I tried to delete Arturias Temp Folders, Nuendo10 preferences, as I can remeber I tried everything, but still, now it is off the screen, and it was ok for months, without any issues.

I just won’t reinstall my whole computer because of this small thing. If I could delete one registry file, or some preferences folder. Has anyone solved this? Didn’t find any answer for this.

Thx a lot, Petr.

Disable HiDPI in preferences.

I want my HiDPI as it was working. Not to disable it. This solves nothing. I exactly specified what I need. Not to disable HiDPI. I said, it was working WITH HiDPI … so I want it back. Thx.

Well have you tried disabling HiDPI restarting Cubase open the problematic plugins. ( maybe move then around)
Close down Cubase, start it again, set to HiDPI again, restart again so HiDPI is active open the plugins again.
Worth a try, could potentially reset the window coordinates of the plugins.
Just a thought, don’t have the problem so I can’t try.

Yes, I tried it multiple times… with changine their size, with switching to nongraphical mode and back… still the same result. They are still of the frame.

:frowning: I am absolutely shocked, where the heck is this change written… in some database, or registry… don’t know. I tried to delete all Arturia’s databases I know, reinstaled, switched HiDPI off and back with setting plugins to different sizes, and not setting them at all too. Still the same result. How is that possible, a big big biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mystery for me.