Artwork and track names burning.

Is there any way to embed artwork and track names into a final CD?

Track names and other related information is known as CD Text, and WaveLab can write that (if your CD writer can). There is no provision for images in the audio CD standard, so artwork cannot be included.

Note that not many programs or devices will actually read the CD Text off a disk - people often get confused because they think that is happening when in fact the program is looking the CD up in an on-line database containing similar information (including artwork).


We live in 2011 and the most modern CD players can read CD text :wink: In my last CD-production, I have include CD text … without problems to show it on my home-devices.

Which is why I include it on every CD I make. But many people still use older machines.


Thanks for the answer. I will do artwork manually. I tried the cd text feature in WL but when I imported it into iTunes the track names show up as Track 1. cda etc.

Any further thoughts?


check answer in this thread last post :smiley:

regards S-EH

An on-line database will not, in general, contain the CD you have just created.


Is there anyway to put track names and artwork up on an on-line database so that itunes would find it when its imported?

There are several (many?) databases. The ripping program I use (PlexTools) uses, and includes an interface to upload CD details to it. How you get stuff into Microsoft’s or Apple’s databases, I have no idea. They all get some of the commercial disks on my shelves hilariously wrong, anyway (usually classical rarities, admittedly).


…if you want to import the tracks in itunes for yourself: do a rendering not of the whole montage but only of the selected tracks (you could select all of them). If you import these tracks in itunes, the names will be recognized.


Thanks to all for the help on this matter. You have answered a “burning” question I have had all year.