Artwork implementation?

A musician I’m working for recently claimed he’d get the cover artwork displayed in his car stereos’ display. Yes, with standard audio CDs, no mp3-CDs.

Never seen that anywhere, can’t check myself in my pretty basic car stereo device, but however: is it possible? If yes, how?

If his car is connected, yes. The car player, after recognizing the CD, searches for the album cover from an online database and displays it. Just like metadata shows in Windows Media Player from a non-CD-text audio CD.

Nothing you can really do with WaveLab. If this is happening with standard audio CDs, it’s being done via a database (Gracenote etc.) and I have heard of this being possible now on some newer car stereos.

WaveLab can embed the artwork into mp3/AAC and WAV files but DDP and CD do not support artwork. The exception could be an enhanced CD that has the music and a video or artwork but those are pretty rare these days.

Thanks guys, that confirms what I thought.