As I enter the notes in the dorico scores manuscript sometimes unable to hear the note

as i am entering the notes in the cores manuscript unable to hear the note as well as unable to play the score ,also need to restart the system to open dorico again ,using dorico elements 4.3

Have you recently installed Dorico 4 and installed the HALion Sonic 7 sampler? If so, you may need to apply the workaround here:

dorico elements 4 version unable to hear the note as it is entered in the score and also unable to play the score,it happens sometimes ,when close the project it is unable to open the app again ,need to restart the system again…aslo how do i share the diagnostic report from the desktop to the dorico forum

my dorico elements 4 scores no sound of the note as it is entered in the scores and while trying to play the score it is not working,as we close the dorico app ,it does not open again but needs to shut the laptop for reopeniny the system ,old projects are working,but when we create new projets this happens…few days ago had updated the app, since then this problem is occuring

(Attachment Dorico Diagnostics (2).zip is missing)

i updated my dorico elements 4 and after that when i create a new score no input is heard ,and the play button dosent work,this happens after i play a score that was earlier created,then i have to restart my system to open the app and same problem occurs again.

Please stop duplicating posts, either within one thread or in separate threads. The Dorico Team is very responsive, but this is a Sunday and they deserve some time with their families. They read every post, and duplicates only slow them down and waste the time of others on the forum who read every post. This is your third post on the same subject within six hours.

Please be patient.

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sorry derrek , i received mail saying that i was using different device since i used my phone to send the thread .so i was confused that my thread was not delivered and i finally sent it from my laptop…apologize…

thank u very much…i found that as i updated the dorico 4 elements ,HALION SONIC 7 has been seen on my desk top,so i just opened it now and kept it open as i am using dorico for writing music,and its just working fine as before its normal…but i see there is two halion SE old red and white app and the new Halion 7 BLUE color app on my desk top…so how do i get to set it right,should i delete the new one ,and how do i do it,plz suggest …

If everything is working OK at the moment, then you probably don’t need to take any particular action right now.

this problem is still existing( if i open and play a project and after closing it when opening new project the sound of the notes is not heard until ,need to open the halion 7 .) any new suggestions awaiting coz doing like this is getting difficult

I suggest you follow the steps shown in this forum post: