As I hover mouse show me caret and grid lines

Currently, In order to see the caret/grid lines I have to double click on a bar or choose the bar/note itself and then use Shift+N shortcut (Start Note Input).

A better and faster way would be instead of choosing the bar/note, User executes a shortcut and upon hovering their mouse on each bar it shows the gridline for that specific bar. Mouse Cursor also magnetically attaches itself to the nearest grid line and it is ready for users to enter notes.

This will eliminate double-clicking or choosing the bar/note first and then go to Start note input mode…

basically, I think it is easier to Star note input with a short cut and as we hover the mouse on different bars it shows the grids line and caret and mouse magnetically attaches itself as I go right or left.

How would you, for instance, tell Dorico that you wanted to add a tenuto mark to an existing note, rather than start note input with a new tenuto note?

I like the idea. My tendons always agree with the elimination of clicks.
To change an existing note, just select it without typing the note input shortcut first?

Maybe I’ve misunderstood. I got the impression that the OP was suggesting that the Note Input shortcut itself isn’t necessary.
Maybe I’m still misunderstanding: as long as you’re typing a rhythmic value, Shift-N isn’t necessary - the act of typing the rhythmic value primes the mouse (and the grid) for input:

ok, what you are showing is close but I don’t want to enter notes with the mouse…
I want mouse cursor to attach to grid lines as I hover it…that way I can enter notes with midi keyboard or laptop keyboards when I am at the correct positions.
This eliminates clicking on a note or double click on a bar.

I can still choose the note and add tenuto…

Dorico is designed to make it difficult to do things by accident. My first impression of this idea is that it would be pretty easy to scroll through a score, lean on one’s MIDI keyboard and realise (or worse: not realise) that I’d entered some random unintended notes.

You are right however there won’t be a mistake if I enable this hovering feature with a shortcut and it can go away after I enter notes possibly.

If you’re enabling this input mode with a shortcut, and then positioning your mouse where you want to enter notes; how is that different from positioning your mouse where you want to add notes and then enabling the input mode?

Currently, I select (click) and hit Enter. Unless you have a need to enter lots of individual notes in non-continuous positions, I don’t see how this could be faster, and Leo’s right about the risk of accidental input.

found a better way
Click on the bar or choose a note and press enter then you can move the caret.
if you hold command if goes by a bar.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 7.14.42 PM.png