As played on BBC radio

My song below will be played on ‘BBC introducing’ York and North East on Saturday 17th Oct… :sunglasses:

Gonna miss it cause I’m in Europe…bugger!!!

best, Kevin

Excellent! I’ll miss it too, since I don’t get BBC here! Hope it helps to get you where you want to go! You deserve it!

Very cool!!! Great sounding track

nice track. mix great too.
tell us more about the tv prog

Hi Neil, I think you should read the title of the post again… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

embarrassed expression !!

Good for you Kevin! :smiley:

Cool! :sunglasses:

Nice job, Kevin!
Your guitar work always reminds a bit of Mike Oldfield.


Very nice song and mix!

Cheers guys…nice of you to comment… :slight_smile:

Lot’s of musical bang for the buck there! And some Mike Oldfield-ish guitar? :sunglasses:

Nice. Like the beat. Voice fits nicely in the mix.



Excellent song! Good luck with this and thanks for sharing it here. Wonderful vocals, excellent bright, pleasing sound.


Good voice, very nice guit.
I like the song, but only up to 2:58

Thumbs up here! Pop is a tough genre to break through in, your song sounds like it should.

I had some stuff (instrumentals) played on a Toronto radio station back in the 1980’s, it always tickles me to think that somewhere out in space, those radio waves continue on having left earth’s atmosphere, carrying my tunes… and yours too now, forever. Internet plays cant boast that. Well done. :sunglasses: