as recording Cubase Pro8 DVD ?

Hello, as I record the cubase Pro8 DVD, I have DVDs of 8.5GB and not fit.

I want to become a DVD as coming in the other Cubase …

ThanK Neosynth

You have to use a double sided dvd or span the iso over two dvd’s

Well, actually they are called double-layered DVDs, and are quite expensive.

Splitting the ISO file over 2 DVD’s won’t work, as it must be one complete file to open. (even if it did, you’d have to have two DVD readers installed.) The only time this is relevant is for back-up purposes. But then the two DVDs has to be copied back to the harddrive and the DVD segments rejoined for it to open. And who backs up on DVDs today, anyway?

Well, actually they are called double-layered DVDs, and are quite expensive.

That told him…oh wait, they’re actually called Dual Layer :laughing:

And who backs up on DVDs today, anyway?

That’s an easy one…Neosynth does.

I do secondary backups onto 25GB BDRs, but only because Officeworks in Australia had a clearance special where each disk was only $1 (4c per GB), which is an unpassable bargain.

10 years ago, I was backing up to multiple CDRs, and was glad when I got a DVD burner to finally be able to just do one disk! But nowadays, running at 192k and 1920x1080@50fps videos (800MB per 5 minutes) of the performances for YouTube, made a couple of track projects top 10GB each, including original takes and all versions of edited takes.

A professional studio or serious self-recorder would probably not balk at saving projects to SSD, or even USB key, given their time-saving convenience.

I stand corrected! :slight_smile:

In a dual layer DVD does not fit, para DVD Is Having A Backup , so you’d better do it in a USB key because I am unable to squeeze in a dvd

Thank you very much to all for your comments . a greeting

USB keys are very cheap these days: 16GB = AU$9, 32GB = AU$22.

When I sell our spare copy of Cubase 8, I am providing the Windows install files on a 16GB key.

Makes for reasonably cheap project backups and archives, and more compact and resilient than DVDs.

Not so these days. 50pack = AU$50 = $1 each.

Double layer and dual layer 8.5Gb
Double sided are available in 9.4Gb

Having had double-sided DVDs (original Outer Limits series), I would avoid them, because you cannot label them clearly (both sides fully utilised for data/signal), making it hard to identify and handle them.

Besides writable dual layer (and I presume double-sided) DVD discs are very expensive. It may, actually, be cheaper to buy a USB flash drive. I’ve seen 16GB USB flash drives sold for less than a single dual layer DVD disc. Beside Flash drives are much faster and are rewritable (Dual-sided DVD discs aren’t).