ASC11 report


First off I am not an engineer but I use Wavelab to process master CD’s for replication at a plant, and for creating basic audio CD’s with tracklists

With my old version of Wavelab I would ‘create basic audio CD > add tracks > file > generate ASC11 report’

And this would give me a full read out of everything in a handy tracklist which you could then compare to what is supposed to be on the master CD

How would I go about making a similar sort of tracklist with Wavelab Elements 7?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer


Sorry, CD report is reserved for WaveLab.

Hi Phillipe

So Wavelab Elements has no CD Report?! there is no way of creating a tracklist / pq sheet of any kind??


No, sorry, “CD reports” were categorized on the Pro side of the WaveLab line.
Now, I could understand the need for some (only) basic report, I note it, this could happen in the future, but not the near future.

Hi Phillipe, I am pretty amazed that this isnt considered a fundemental requirement for mastering software but there you go. So I am going to have to upgrade to the full version to do this or is there some sort of plug in or upgrade I can go for to get it?

If I am going to have to fork out for the full version will the fact that i have already purchased the Elements version get me any discount or anything like that?



Sorry, there is no upgrade path.

WaveLab Element is a general purpose audio editor, with CD burning capabilities.
WaveLab is, among others, a Mastering Software.

Hi Phillipe

I now have the new Wavelab 7 and wandered what the best method of creating a PQ sheet or Tracklist is?

Thanks in advance for your time


In the Montage, CD Tool Windows, there is a CD Report function.