Ascension - Hybrid Orchestra (With Choir)

Now with choirs that I got over the weekend!

I did find the pitch down sound. Well a company called 8Dio have a sample library called Hybrid Tools or something that features along with other cinematic kinds of sounds!

Thanks again for listening.

Sounds cool!
You mean that low sound pitching down?

Way great sounding orch!

Yes that low sound pitching down. I tried some basses and drums but couldn’t get anything that sounded like it or alternatively anything I thought sounded cool enough. Any idea how to achieve that sound or what effects to use to try some new stuff?

Thanks Kenny, still got the painful task of subtly altering all the velocities and start times for every single note to do yet as it’s all copied every 2 or 4 bars and quantized.

Well Jonathan …your gonna have to stop posting your stuff here, every time I listen to one of your pieces I feel totally inadequate and useless…Kevin

I’m gonna try recreating that sound this afternoon if I can find the time/don’t forget/can be bothered :stuck_out_tongue:.

Hi Jonathan, your music is just amazing. That is the kind of music I’d like to do one day. And yes, I’d also like to know how to produce that dipping sound but I guess it must be a sound effect. Can’t imagine that can be produced on a synth. Your orchestration is perfect, it sounds like a real orchestra playing. Great work !! I admire your music.

Hi Jonathan,

Nice composition, great orchestration. :sunglasses:
I like the combination of real and synth sounds.

Great job! :sunglasses:


Cheers man, I really wanna know what that sound is ;D It sounds like pitch shift down, but just pitch shifting something down alone doesn’t sound like that :-/

This sound is epic, that’s all I can say! Your work is very inspiring. Keep it up! :sunglasses:

Very dramatic. Sounds great.

Thanks, but still don’t know what that sound is.

Yup… another epic and very dramatic track! Brilliant crescendos! Good work! :sunglasses:

Thanks Sherz. Been a bit busy lately! Gonna chill out tomorrow and hopefully get through listening to some of the new stuff posted in threads here. I hope everyone had a nice holiday.

Holy unmentionable !!!that is awesome…just awesome…Kevin

Absolutely and utterly fantastic.