ASIO Aggregate device?


Is it possible to somehow use two ASIO devices as the same time in Cubase?

I would like to use my Apollo Twin as my main device, for recording vocals and where the studio monitors are connected.

Then I would like to also connect my guitar effect box, Line6 Helix LT, as a secondary sound card. Main reason is so that I can record both DI and wet signal at the same time and re-amp easily. Also so that I don’t have to fiddle with the input volume if I switch between guitar and basses.

I know that macOS has what they call “aggregate devices”. Is there something similar for Windows 10?

asio4all may help, … I have not tried it since XP days …

try searching in youtube for “asio4all aggregate”,
eg :

With ASIO4ALL you would stell need to connect the two devices in some way to sync the clocks. Otherwise this is going to result in a big mess with dropout and audible cracks etc.

If what I found on the net so far is true, then you still need to worry about the exact record-latency (in samples) per device. However, that should only be an issue if you try to record on both devices at the same time. This might not be the case if you are just trying to create a guitar tracking and reamping rig. I am trying to find a solution for the same situation only with the Axe FX III. :unamused:

I did try ASIO4ALL but it didn’t work so well for me unfortunately, it made it very hard to use any of the extra features in the Apollo or Helix, so I gave up. I got Helix Native so I can re-amp that way.

If you do find a solution, please post it here :slight_smile: