ASIO Capacity

Hello everyone,

I’ve got Cubase 5 and I have got a problem with the ASIO capacity. In my project there are just samples and 2 vst tracks and the ASIO capacity is at maximum already and the sound stops like every second for one second. But the CPU is at like 2%.

Can anyone help me with that problem?

I’m using the ASIO4All driver and the Soundcard of my Reloop Beatmix. The latency is at standard levels and even if I increase it, it doesn’t help.

And I’m using an ASPIRE 5750G with:

IntelCore i7 - 2630QM 2GHz
8GB DDR Memory

Thanks in advance!


What specific operating system and version are you running the older discontinued Cubase 5 program on? Please make sure it is one of the supported operating systems listed on the following page:

Also please be sure you have the last available Cubase 5.5.3 update available on the same page installed.