Asio/core audio/cpu use

HI all i’m running a mac pro 6 core 3.3ghz with 10gb ram 5 hard drives (each one for system,samples recording,backup) and have a mr816x with the latest drivers and connected to a firewire 800 to 400 cable,my problem is i’m on cubase 64bit with 512 samples in 88.2k 24bit.i don’t seem to be able to run my projects at this sample rate as the asio meter clips but when i check my cpu in activity monitor it’s at about 20/25%. not even taxing my cpu . is it the firewire 400 being too slow or cubase or audio drivers .And have steinberg sorted this out in cubase 7 as i have it on order,and will this asio gaurd work better.


ASIO load meter is not CPU load meter. So, it’s possible, what you wrote. Nothing wrong, here.