Asio delay compensation

Is this going to be going into Cubase 6.? in the next maintenance update ?

I am sure people will say No, why should it, it’s a “new” feature, but it isn’t a new feature at all, it’s a serious bug fix.

I’ve never been able to record MIDI directly into Cubase without having to manually edit all the notes due to this asio problem.

Now the fix is out, it should go to all versions of Cubase.

So the simple question is, will it or won’t it, be interested to hear direct from Steinberg on this.

It’s not a bug fix. It IS a new feature. Might as well throw the 7 mixer into the final 6.5.x for good measure.

+1 I really don’t have a need for any of the new features of version 7, but I would like my MIDI timing to be accurate. It would be nice to have it and stick with 6.5 for awhile.

Uh, no it is a bug fix. For many users MIDI timing is off, notes are inserted before they were actually played. This is a bug. Steinberg chooses to call ASIO delay compensation a feature when it is really just fixing a MIDI timing issue. Hence, if it can be is should be included in 6.5.

The majority of the (very few) users’ complaints in the threads leading up to this new feature were based not on MIDI timing being “off” but on the fact that Cubase was recording the MIDI input exactly when it was received.

By design. Not a bug.

No, it’s a bug fix, not a new feature. And considering there are quite a few people with this problem, which technically renders live recording useless as you have to edit everything, I think Steinberg should definitely patch this into all versions of Cubase.

No problem with MIDI timing here in 6.x, as solid as it can be.
Of course when at the end of a project, I work at higher ASIO buffer sizes of >512 samples, recordings of my MIDI takes are obviously a little misplaced sometimes.

This ASIO Delay Compensation would be a great feature for those situations when you want to unstress your ASIO driver.

Anybody played a tight MIDI part at an ASIO buffer size of >1024 samples yet? Does it work?
Are VST’s with tempo synced sequencers, LFO’s and effects, in sync while playing with delay compensation enabled?

for me Asio delay compensation does the opposite, it makes the notes played much out of timing. :question: :unamused:

There is so much misinformation here I don’t know where to begin. Few users? Hardly. It’s been around since Cubase 4 and was / is a widely known bug. Whatever the cause is, MIDI notes are placed 20 or so milliseconds ahead of when they are played. That is a bug. Just because Steinberg chooses to call the fix a `feature’ doesn’t mean it’s a feature. It’s a bug fix. If I were Steinberg I would want this fix to be at least somewhat retro so that 6.x users who experience this issue will have it fixed.

upgrade to C7 and forget about it.

No, I cannot afford to upgrade to C7, and I dont’ see why I should pay over £100 for a bug fix, seeing as the rest of C7 doesn’t remotely interest me.

Steinberg will have to step up for this one, and implement it in C6 and below. I’m sick and tired of companies charging for bug fixes. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.

Cool, Feel how you wish. :laughing: C7 Rocks!!! Good luck.