ASIO device aggregation - isn't it about time?

Shouldn’t we have a solution for this ‘one ASIO device only’ limitation by now? This situation has been going on FOR EVER! It seems to be set in stone! By contrast, aggregate audio devices are baked into MacOS and laughably simple to set up and use.

There are many instruments now that offer audio outputs over USB, but it’s impossible to take proper advantage of this while it means dropping one driver and switching to another. My TR-8S, for example, can present all of its drum tracks on separate ASIO outputs, but I have to switch drivers from my main audio interface, and that’s such a kludge.

Surely this needs to be resolved?

I think this is more a ‘Microsoft’ issue than it is Steinberg? But by all means I would think Steinberg would need to file this at Microsoft as a ‘need to have’’!

Between us…are you L that worked at G?

Steinberg created ASIO, so I don’t know if MS would need to be involved?

(I’m not L and I never worked at G!)

ASIO was devoloped by Steinberg but they need Microsoft to further implement this in the OS?
And it seems ‘this’ is a tough one? So not easily added!

So please be patient!

All good things come to to those that are patient! :slight_smile:

Patient!?!? :laughing:

It’s been like this forever!!!

I hope you know something…