ASIO Device Save Configurations for Multiple ASIO Devices

I run a dual RME Raydat rig with about 68 input and outputs labelled and dedicated to outboard effects, synths, mic pres etc. The routings are saved and labelled and the workflow is very good except that when I need to overdub when I have already started to mix. In that case I have to disable all latency inducing plugins which of course impacts the headphone cue mixes.

So I want to incorporate a UA Apollo so that I can record with their interface which supports near zero latency monitoring with effects. There aren’t enough ins and outs on the apollos to replace the raydats but if I could go back and forth as needed I’d have the best of both worths. The problem is that when you change an ASIO Interface all of the routings get wiped out. In this case that’s 68 pairs of adat labels, external effects and synths etc that go poof.

The only way I can do this would be to manually swap out the preference file but I worry about file corruption.

So this is a feature request to support multiple asio devices with all custom routings available as presets. IF any of you have work this way please chime in … I am interested in how you manage it. Here is to hoping. - Scotty


What kind of routing do you mean?

Routing of Channels in the project? Or routing of Inputs/Outputs Busses in the VST Connections? Or routing of Studio?

For VST Connections, I would recommend to store 2 different presets for RME and UAD. Unfortunately, you have to store one preset for Inputs, another one for Outputs and another one for Studio.