"asio directx full duplex" setup after update


I recently updated to Artist 7.
When I start “asio directx full duplex setup” it asks for the “Steinberg 7 64bit” disk.
On the disk it tries to find the “Cubase7_64bit.msi” but it’s not there because it’s the update disk.
All it finds is “UploadManager.msi”.

How to proceed?


Surely a Cubase user has a decent soundcard with its own ASIO driver? You don’t need the “full duplex” one. Ignore it.

I use the ASIO driver of my Yamaha mixer and it works fine.
But if I want a different Input and Output the only way I can do this is using asio directx full duplex.
And the latency is awfull. That’s why I wanted to explore it further.

Try ASIO4ALL 2.10, which is a free driver that can handle multiple soundcards at once. The latency should be a step up from Duplex.