asio/disk cache performance issue

Hi guys,

I’ve got a really weird thing going on with Cubase; every few seconds the demand on the asio drivers (top bar on the vst performance window, disk cache usage) goes through the roof and makes the audio glitch. It seems to be doing it on any track I try, including ones that were fine before; still doing it (but less so) after deleting unused tracks with instances of Kontakt, Guitar Rig etc.

It’s like there’s something going on in the background that I’m unaware of or something that I’ve inadvertently changed , but I can’t think what, as it does it from a system re-boot, both when using my RME Babyface interface and the in-built audio, though it seems OK for about 5 minutes after a re-start before happening again.

System is MacBook Pro 2.2GHz quad core i7 with 8Gb ram, running like a dream since July last year. Using Cubase 6.5 build 102, with Kontakt 5, Superior Drummer 2, Guitar Rig 5; always been capable of multiple instances of anything I care to throw at it!

A deadline looms, so help would be much appreciated!



Totally weird, cos after a second re-start and a longer wait (5 mins, not 30 seconds), it started working fine and hasn’t mis-behaved all night… odd!! Any ideas??