Asio driver and CPU


I used to run Cubase on my laptop, with a uR22 interface.
I unfortunatly had to reinstall Windows 7, and then Cubase, and the ur22 drivers.

My issue is that, when I try to select the Yamaha driver, I get a pop up window with the message “this setting requires more cpu power than is available” (see attached picture), and I cannot select the Yamaha driver.
My laptop is 5 years old, it runs with a Intel core I5, 4 Go memory, and not any performance problem.

Of course I posted in the Steinberg support, but no answer after 15 days… anyone knows about this issue ?


There is only one other case of this reported in the forum as far as I can see and the Steinberg rep only told them to contact support so I think you’re probably going to have to wait.

If you want to try a workaround, you might be able to run the interface using asio4all until this gets fixed…if not it may be a useful fault finding test.

Oh…and make sure Windows service packs and updates are installed.