ASIO Driver changed pitch of every projects

Hi all,
I was looking to make work a new headphones and changed some Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver parameters but now ALL my projects sound pitched up! I’ve tried to restore it but I can’t…

I explain you what exactly I did:
I entered in Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver parameters.
In its PanelControl I demarked the option “Allow the main ASIO application takes exclusive control of the selected port”

When I did this, the system said that demarking this option will make to change the frequence of the project and asked me if I wanted to re-adjust it automatically (I remember something like 40.000Hz to 48.000) Ignorant of me I clicked OK.

The headphones didn’t work so I closed without saving but now I have the problem that all my old projects sound pitched up. I tried to mark again the driver option but it doesn’t work.

Any suggestion please?

Never encountered sample rate mismatch issues, as I always have been using the same one since countless years : 44.100 kHz.

So, what follows is just as a suggestion : try to see in your different projects how is the Project>Project Setup>Sample rate option is set : should be either 44.100 kHz or 48.000 kHz and check/try to adjust the involved Generic Low Latency ASIO driver (which I almost never have used either, just for the awful latency performances of it ; it’s by no means a ‘Low latency’ one) setting accordingly. Should normally do it, but again, I haven’t a lot of experience on this kind of issue…

What audio interface do you use? If you have to rely on the Generic Low Latency SDIO Driver and have no dedicated driver (any half-decent sound card should coome with a specialized driver), then the culprit has very likely to be on your system and not Cubase. I don’t think that changing Windows’ own sample rate set at a different rate than your ASIO driver should make any difference, as ASIO completely bypasses Windows audio stuff. But still make sure both rates match.

For a quick test you might backup ALL your Cubase preferences (preferably, your key commands as well, if you have set up your own) and start Cubase either in safe mode with all preferences disabled, or simply delete them to create a new one upon next Cubase start (as people often reinstall Cubase to fix problems where it’s just the prefs gone wild … and as those won’t get deleted automatically the issue can still be there if you just reinstall program files and sound content again).

IF you have the option to use a specialized ASIO driver, dowmnload it. I use an RME interface which comes with its own mixer (like some other manufacterers as well, of course), where you can quickly change pitch in the driver itself easily; this is great if you for example play with virtual amps and want to quickly want to match another concert pitch than 440 Hz, without having to retune your guitar.

Changed by accident, it can be embarassing if all your audio suddenly is out of tune, trying all complicated troubleshooting first, only to simply change this slider again.

Thank you very much for answering Gomorrha.

Well I found an effective solution outside of Cubase.
Just with restoring Windows to the last backup point I have everything fixed.

Wish this could help anyone with the same trouble.

Wathever thanks you again.

Javier Monleón López