Asio Driver Not running

I recently bought a Tascam Model 24 Hybrid mix console as an upgrade from My Tascam Us-1800 rackmount interface. I get an error that says “Asio driver not running” when I hit the record button. At this point, I haven’t been able to get any audio playback out of Cubase, but have sound coming from Itunes, Youtube, or anything else coming from my Mac on the Main Bus, Sub bus, and Control Room Studio monitors, but not in Cubase.

One fix I saw was to go into the audio settings on the Mac and create an aggregate device, which activates the interface functionality of my device. After switching my preferences and device setup to the newly created aggregate device, Cubase will load up and there is a static, constant white noise registering on my control room monitors, channels 1,2,4, and 8 all have max signal pumping through them which is peaking and causing the noise. I can’t figure out how to stop the signal overload, I’ve installed the High Sierra driver from Tascam Downloads and am having zero luck using the Model 24 as an interface with playback. I can get signal in “Live” mode, but when I toggle to USB and try anything in Cubase I get “Asio not running” or full channel peak white noise. In My VST Connections I have the Model 24 set to 24 mono and just a Stereo L/R for Output in cubase 7. Can anyone out there help me figure this out??