asio driver problem

hello, my setup:
pc i3 8 gb ram w7 64 bit e-mu 0404 pci cubase artist 6.5, drivers: asio DirectX full duplex; in 0 out 46, works
asio4all v2.11, in 16 out 16, no sound; e-mu asio in13 out13, no sound; generic low latensy asio driver, in 40 out 40, works; zoom g series asio, in 5 out 11, no sound

can someone help me to get the drivers to work, please


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:confused: The e-mu is an interface, but does the Zoom act as an interface too? Are you attempting to use different ASIO drivers for both at the same time?

I personally would only use the specific ASIO drivers written for the interface I’m using. If it turns out that those drivers won’t work on say, a newer 64 bit OS, then I would either get a different interface that will work, or stay on an older 32 bit OS.

The e-mu is listed as “end of life” so I’m assuming that there is NOT 64 bit drivers available…(?)

As for any guitar processors I use, I always go … guitar>processor>sound card… if the Zoom is suppose to interface directly into your PC, then I guess you’d use drivers that came with it, but if you do, then you likely couldn’t use the e-mu at that time. You can only use one driver at any given time generally…unless you try those generic drivers above…asio4all, full-duplex etc and take a big gamble it would work…which apparently it does not. That why I’d only use the specific written drivers, and if I have to, one at a time.

Keep in mind this is the best I can understand what you’re doing :confused:

My audio interfaces allows to use up to (4) at the same time, using ONE specifically written ASIO driver for all, though I’m actually limited to (3) in my machine, being I only have 3 PCI slots. Other manufacturers also allow you to use multiples of their same cards, or a combination of their different cards by that manufacturer.

thanx, it works now with 12 ms latency with asio4all…it was only a button on adwanst unit presets in my realtec soundcard…separate all inputs like free inputsunits…
thanx again

I’m having a nightmare trying to get my EMU0404 which was all fine before to play audio using it’s own EMU ASIO driver.
I built up a new PC, put 64bit Win 7 on and loaded on my Cubase 5 64bit. I have the up to date EMU drivers installed but when I fire up a VSTi and I play keys, I can see both midi and audio coming through on the transport bar, but I hear nothing. I’ve set Patchmix DSP to 44.1 and the cubase project settings are also 44.1.
In the device setup under EMU ASIO I have latency of about 20, but no audio. If I switch to ASIO4ALL v2 I get 5.8 latency but no audio. If I then select Generic Low Latency Audio Driver, I get 40ms latency with audio.
I’m pulling my hair out here and desperately need some help! It was all ok in my 32bit PC.
Any help and advice would be much appreciated!

I decided to uninstall Cubase 5 64bit and try installing the 32bit version just to see what happens. The EMU ASIO driver now works with a good latency response. I can only assume that the 0404 card is now getting on a bit and a 64bit DAW seems to be a problem for it. I didn’t even know that you could install a 32bit version onto a 64bit OS. You learn something every day!
If anyone does come up with a way of getting it to work under a 64bit platform, please let me know! :wink:

It is difficoult to understand how this asio drivers work. It is your platform, OS, soundcard, (2ofthemsometimes) and cubase x. Hopes it works for you!

Yes, this is true. I have decided that I get a fast and stable setup under a 32bit platform, so I’m sticking with that now. I’ve upgraded the HDD to an SSD which makes things so much faster. Enjoying music again!:slight_smile: