ASIO driver randomly disconnects

In Cubase 13. 0.20: after a number of recordings, the audio system driver disconnects. The result is an empty track (see screenshot).

The issue seems to happen randomly, and I cannot see a particular order in my process that may trigger it.

My process has been:

  1. Create a recording,
  2. Export an Audio Mixdown (in flac)
  3. Go out of Cubase and add metadata for the flac file for my archive.

After a number of recordings, the driver will disconnect.

It happens for both the Generic ASIO driver and the new Built-In ASIO driver. Both drivers will disconnect at some point in time.

My workaround

  1. Go to Studio > Studio Setup
  2. In Devices > Audio System. I click the default ASIO driver tab
  3. In the Steinberg ASIO driver, click Control Panel.
  4. Click the OK button to connect the driver (again)

This issue never happened in previous Cubase versions. Is this a bug or am I missing an option or setting?

Have you tried with ASIO4ALL drivers?

I have not tried ASIO4All. How will this driver be different from the other two ASIO drivers I tried? At worst it will create another driver in the audio system list to disconnect from… Moreover, this issue was absent in previous Cubase versions.

Your profile says you are using Windows.
Did you check Windows Event Viewer->Windows Logs->System for errors around the time when this happens?
This could give you a hint, if it is a Cubase or a Windows issue.

Is it possible that you accidentally open the flac file (by clicking too often or so) and some player tries to open it causing a HW-access conflict?

Thanks for the suggestions. I will look into the Event logs and see what’s going on.

I’ll change the workflow and complete recordings first. Maybe the metadata manager claims the driver and hence disconnects the ASIO from Cubase.

Found the culprit: another app with an audio engine in the background can connect to the driver and disconnect Cubase from it.

Now I run Cubase making sure no other audio-related app is running in the background.