Asio drivers

I have just upgraded from Xp to 7 64 bit . I have downloaded the beta drivers from Creative for my 0404 PCI card, and instead of a system I thought would be infinitely faster, I cant use my Groove agent 1, a load of my VSTs, and the asio in Vst performance is using about a quarter, just loading the programme, without any tracks in use. Is the problem my old card? Would I be better off with a Pcie card, or say a Presonus or Scarlett Usb box?

You upgraded the OS from XP to Win 7(64) on the same computer?

Sorry I upgraded everything. I have Intel I5 8 gig ram and W7 64 bit now withCubase studio 5.5.3

Which ASIO driver is selected in Device Setup?

Emu asio