ASIO Error -- sample rate?

[Beginner sorry] I downloaded Cubase LE as it was offered with my purchase of the Zoom F6 recorder. I created a project and have been exploring Cubase. I have two 32 bit float audio files recorded in 96 kHz. These files worked fine for a few days and then suddenly on opening Cubase I got the error that the ASIO settings do not match the project files. The only thing I could see to do was allow Cubase to convert the files to 44.1 kHz. I’m curious as to (a) did I have any other option and (b) why did this suddenly happen after it having worked fine for days?

(a) set the right sampling rate in the settings of the audio interface
(b) something went wrong on auto switching the audio interface to the sample rate of the project
maybe some other software blocked this

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Thanks. For (a), I was actually recording separately and importing the file - not directly recording via the Audio Interface into Cubase. My understanding is that in this case Cubase picks up whatever built in sound card the computer has?

yes… and no
it depends on what you have set in the project