ASIO-Guard 2 testing.....WOW!

Still exploring, but…

I pulled up a large mix (pop/rock) to test. 336 tracks total, though obviously, not all playing at once. Still, a large mix with lots of FX and verbs and such, chasing after the epic. Ha!

Specs on my rig are in my sig below.

On N7, at 32 samples/44.1K, the ASIO Meter is at 30% and the ASIO Peak Meter is about the same with almost no jumping. Plays perfectly with instant response. For me, this is usable all day every day at 32 samples, period, the end.

On N6.5 (ASIO-Guard engaged), the mix will not play at all at 32 samples without severe dropouts. ASIO Meter is at 60-70% and the ASIO Peak is at 80+% with constant spikes into red.

The difference is astounding. And this is testing on a real world practical session of the type I run consistently. With my new machine and N7 I think I that, for me, Native has just passed up hardware solutions. This improvement alone is worth the upgrade price!

Well done, you Steinberg Geeks!

Nice to see a compliment for the new version. Nothing more depressing as a code writer than to work one’s buns off, release a new version, and have users already whining about new features they want. Good one Getalife2!

I have noticed this as well. It makes a huge difference on my hexacore 3.3 cheese grater.
Very impressed about this intelligent way of handling audio buffers.

Yes, a huge step forward, I think! :slight_smile:

Tighter then ever.
Good work.