Asio guard and VST connect SE

Hi all,

I want to let you know about something I discovered tonight with VST connect.
I had been using the SE version and it would not function with Asio guard activated, as is well known on this forum.
I recently upgraded to VST Connect Pro, but Asio guard still caused exactly the same problem as it did with SE and I assumed that it was my system!!
It occurred to me today that I still have the VST connect SE program on my computer so, based on the “what have I got to loose” attitude, I deleted all VST Connect SE instances.
I tested it tonight and I am very pleased to report that Asio guard now appears to work as it should??
No signal break up, performer had clear audio and visual, no drop outs, perfect!!
Just saying…you might want to delete any instances of VST Connect SE if you have the Pro version because it certainly worked for me!!!

Jim B

This is very interesting. Can anyone confirm this?

Does musicullum has any comment regarding asio guard and vst connect se?
I have vst connect pro, can I benefit by deleting connect se, and in that case how would I benefit?

I still haven’t had a fully successful session, still working on understanding the details, plus my performer need
to get a cabled set-up. At the same time Jim B, you seem to have gotten it to work despite using wifi, am I right?

hi Jim,
it doesn’t make sense. A module that is not activated does not do anything as it is not even beeing loaded.
Thus I would assume that somewhere there is still some mix of SE and PRO plugins.
Another possibility is that your action went along with an update of the PRO version. We think to pretty much have eliminated those ASIO Guard problems with the latest versions (both SE and PRO).
Pls send me a PM with your project if you don’t agree, maybe we can sort it out.

Hi all,

I was a bit surprised to get the response from Musiculum on a topic I raised nearly a year ago?

Basically I am not using VST connect Pro now as there were too many issue’s with the operation of programme.

Now, I am not sure that it is totally the programme at fault, or that some parts of my system are the cause, or the issues are a combination of both.

What I am sure of is the added complexity since the original VST connect became available has made the use of VST Connect almost impossible for me to use.

I spent many weeks trying to get VST Connect working with a musician in America, but we were both beaten by the complexity of the programme, plus the lack of guidance on how to set up the connections.

The fact that nearly a year has passed since my post, as well as a drop off on forum posts, also doesn’t fill me with confidence so I will be leaving VST Connect alone until there are good WORKING solutions to getting it working.

I must say that as a paid update, the technical back up on this has been, at best, piece meal and I think I saw a VST transit post from Musiculum a while ago, so is that were the focus is now?

Best regards,

Jim B

hi Jim,

this isn’t fair.
I replied to this thread because Score81 posted here 2 days ago. I didn’t really see that your original post was from a year ago. We are trying to keep track of this and other forums (Transit) while at the same time trying to find time for programming and improving, but it’s sometimes tough because the forum system simply kicks me out all the time and one has to renew the subscription often. This is beyond my powers and I’m sorry for that.

I don’t understand why you claim that we made it more complex, the opposite is true, we provided the one-click “Create VST Connect” function which works fine for almost everybody at least when applied to a default configuration.
There is no single instance (apart from really unusable internet connections) where we couldn’t resolve problems when we were given the chance to do so.
Anyway, we are preparing for new versions so if you can provide specifics of what doesn’t work for you we’re happy to help.

Thanks for the response Musi ( if may I call you that),

Perhaps I was being a little unfair in my earlier post, and for that I apologise.
However, this does not mean that my comments regarding the complexity issues are not valid!
If you forgive the non-technical language I use, I would like to give you two scenarios that I have experienced:

  1. I arrange a VST sesh with my brother. Both he and I are using Steinberg CI1 interfaces. Firstly there is a bewildering array of connection possibilities that need to be faced ( from both our interfaces ) but by using “hit & miss” we finally establish a good connection and manage to record his e-drum kit on to my track.
    I list EVERY connection made so that, on a new project, I just have to replicate what we did, but on a new project it seems that I have to change the connections before it again works as expected.
  2. I tried to establish a VST sesh with another user in America, who has a lot more audio connections (20 plus) and all I can achieve is his side working, he is unable to hear me no matter what I do to change the connections? After 4 weeks of trials we give up!!
    That is what I mean about complexity. On the original VST, once I established a connectivity profile and created a template, all I needed to do was open the template and all the connections were established, so I maintain that the programme has become more complicated to use.
    Amongst other things I have never been able to use the FX functions or download any files form the performers side, and although I was happy to live with this, surely those two basic functions are part and parcel of successfully working software?
    My post from last year outlined something that I discovered that, for a short period, helped make VST connect Pro work, but again it all went dismally wrong on the next attempt, so I effectively gave up.
    As far as the Create VST function, all that does is load the programme in an empty project. It does not identify the correct interface connections needed, and how does that work when I have a project containing guitar, bass, keyboards etc. that I want some drums and vocals on?
    I have lost count of the times I used "create VST Connect " and got the message “cannot run two instances of VST Connect”??

We have had many communications on the VST Connect Pro, and I really do want to be able to use it when I need to, but at the moment it is easier for performers to record their parts and email me an audio file to drop in the project. Maybe if I get accepted in the Steinberg insider programme I could help, in a small way, solve these problems, but I do feel that something needs to be done because, as I said in my earlier post, VST Connect Pro is a non-working programme for me.


Jim B

Trying to be brief…
It looks to me as if the complexity is related to interfacing, so that’s beyond the scope of VST Connect. It requires a Talkback Input to be connected to the TB mic and a Control Room (CR) main output, that’s all. If it works with your brother it should work with your colleague in the US as well. “he is unable to hear me” has always been resolved once CR misconfigurations were resolved. We are working on improving “Repair VST Connect” to avoid “cannot run two instances” and the like.
One advice is to set up the control room once and save its configuration. An “empty” configuration is also recommended, if in doubt, choose that and then apply “Create VST Connect”. This has always worked for me.
Former versions used a template, but integration into the Control Room requires to manage that too (which isn’t covered by a template because the CR is a local resource and not part of a project). The CR provides many benefits over the “old” scheme, actually it is made for recording somebody next door (or next country thanks to VST Connect). Keeping the CR “clean” avoids all those problems, so give it a try to get familiar with saving and loading CR configurations.
“Amongst other things I have never been able to use the FX functions or download any files form the performers side” - that I don’t get at all, it works fine and you can also transfer files by other means and load them locally if the built-in transfer doesn’t suffice.
Anyway, you are welcome to join the beta team, drop me a PM.

Hi again Musi,

Thanks for your in depth reply.
The only thing I haven’t done is save the CR config, which I will have a go at tomorrow.
The TB channel is always established via the VST connections tab, so I don’t think that is the problem.
Could the FX and D/L of performer track issue also be a result of CR “confusion”?
If I understand you, I need to save the CR config AFTER I have established a working VST platform?
At the risk of repeating some of my earlier posts, I do love the VST Connect functionality…when it works.
I will PM you regards the beta testing because it may be that the “non-technical” approach will assist Steinberg in creating a truly “plug and play” system.


Jim B

Hi Jim!

I just has a successful run ( for the the first time). What trouble is is that you are having?
Maybe you should check out my “progress report” and see if that helps. its on the forum

Hi Score,

I will check out your progress report, although after talking to Musicullum, I had a VST session this week and it all worked perfectly.
I have another session booked for this weekend so I’ll keep you all posted.
One thing though, in an earlier post I moaned about the programme being complicated, and I would like to retract that comment.
I think the complexity was coming from my approach and if the next session goes as expected I will try to explain a little clearer.


Jim b