ASIO Guard causing drop outs Cubase 12

Hello, I am experiencing massive drop outs in my projects. My version of Cubase 12
artist is as follows Cubase 12.0.70.
I recently purchased some Universal Audio plugins, primarily, the Fairchild 660
And 670. I also have fabfilter eq. I am not running an extensive number of tracks. I have 33 channels and 15 busses. Every time I try to play the project there are massive drop out and seizing of the audio. I have tried everything but the issues continue. I’ve wondered if upgrading to 13 would solve this issue but don’t want to spend money until I know if it it will fix the issue. Help!!
I neglected to mention my computer: it’s a MacBook Air M1 2020 the Mac OS is Sonoma.


Maybe you could give a few more details about this, just in case everything doesn’t include all the possible everythings.

Not a Mac person, so can’t advise on specifics. I assume you tried increasing the buffer size on your Audio Interface.

In your title you refer to ASIO Guard but in your text you don’t even mention it. This leaves me confused.