ASIO Guard/CPU Spikes in Cubase 12 Pro

I have been going crazy with random ASIO Guard/CPU spikes in Cubase 12 Pro (12.0.60). Sometimes I can work from 30 minutes to an hour and everything is fine. And then I’ll have 15-30 minutes of persistent performance meters spikes. Some VST instruments and plugs seem to spike more often than others…for example Superior Drummer 3 can be insane. I’m on a Late 2013 Mac Pro, Big Sur MacOS (11.7.7), 64 GB RAM, 3.7 GHz Quad core Intel Xeon E5. I usually work at 96k. I use an Antelope Audio Orion 32+ (via Thunderbolt 2) and UAD-2 PCI-e Octo card.

I’ve read posts that Cubase 11 does not have this issue. I have Cubase 10 still on my system but it seems as if I can no longer open Cubase 10 (perhaps because I’m on Big Sur). Any ideas how to proceed? Otherwise, I LOVE Cubase.

Have you removed the elicencer or not updated licencer software? You can still download Cubase 11. Go to the main steinberg page and navigate to downloads. I use sd3 without problems unless I’m on a very busy project. If you use asio guard then make sure sd3 is nit record enabled as it makes a big difference. I’m on win 11 so I can’t really help with computer specifics as you are on Mac

No, I still have e-Licencer and recently updated it. I never owned C11. I went from C10 to C12. I’ve had some better performance by freeing up space on my system drive and I’m intending to purchase a cooling pad. I’m on a Late 2013 Mac Pro (“the Trashcan”). It runs hot when pushed and I’m thinking that may be the main problem, particularly now that we’re in summer and my Mac sits behind my mixing desk. I think that heat may be the primary issue because I had comparable problems with Pro Tools too, though, frankly, not as severe.

You can use Cubase 11 on the elicenser even if you never had it when upgrading to Cubase 12. It’s only if Cubase 12 is your first purchase that you can’t have previous versions.