ASIO-Guard: device vs. plugin?

I just noticed that in the Plugin Manager each individual plugin has the option of activating or de-activating ASIO-Guard. What is the difference between making these individual selections vs. activating or de-activating it under the Device options? BTW, I have it unchecked in Device but it shows up as active for all individual plugins.

Under Devices the setting is global. If it is turned off there it is turned off for every plugin no matter of the individual settings
If you want to use ASIO Guard but you want to exclude some plugins from it (maybe they don’t work as expected with asio guard) you can turn them off individually in the plugin manager

Hmm… Ok question. Is the default behavior for most plugins that the ASIO Guard is enabled for them (If you have set global Asio Guard)? The reason why I am asking is because I have noticed that all of a sudden this is a HUGE issue! I have a pretty beefy CPU (AMD) with 8 cores and 16 GB of RAM. It seems to me that I should be able to open a fresh session of Cubase Pro 9, add of a couple of tracks with VST 3 plugins and hardly see much of a load at all on the VST performance meter. Instead I see the Average performance is nearly MAXED out and the Real time periodically Peaks out, resulting in spikes and audio clicks and cutoffs! I have 3 other DAW’s … I don’t notice this to be a problem on them. One thing that happened recently is that Windows 10 recently updated the “Creator’s Update”. I have not seen much on Steinberg about that update… Is there any problem with that?

Try increasing the buffer size on your audio interface. Recently I got pretty aggressive lowering my buffer size & it “seemed” OK for awhile. But then I noticed some VSTi’s didn’t like the lower size very much.

Hey thanks raino, I think I eventually discovered I had something wildly off in my ASIO setup… once I corrected it everything went back to normal!

What would that be, for anyone ever running into this problem?

I think it was an unrealistic Buffer size. For my Windows 10 PC i use the Saffire Pro 24 Firewire interface and I think sometime in the recent past I had selected a rediculously low Buffer size for it and was surprised to see that I was not experiencing any Audio artifacts from it… and had an awesome latency (or lack thereof!) Then … of course i forgot about it… Turns out Cubase was NOT able to process well in that condition. Once I fixed it… everything worked as normal.