ASIO Guard, "High" setting = crackle, pop

On a project I was working on in C10.5,
with C11, and ASIO Guard set to “High” (just like I had it set in C10.5)…
…the project stutters a bit literally every time I click on a new track in the arrange window.
Basically, if I just move the mouse and click somewhere. But only AFTER I click.
Crackle, crackle, pop, crackle… and then it stops and all is well.

Something about the rending of the graphics stutters the project for a second.
You see how that’s different from your normal crackle-pops?

NOTE : The problem goes away when ASIO Guard is changed to “Normal”.
But the problem does NOT go away if I keep ASIO Guard set to “High” and change my ASIO buffer setting to the highest setting: 2048.
That just doesn’t help.

So, this is something to do with the ASIO Guard “High” setting and graphics rendering.

Was something about graphics rendering changed in C11?

I experience the same thing, I think.

When using the ASIO guard on HIGH, it clicks/stutters if I press play.
It’s better in Normal and Low, but not perfect.

That’s different.
I have no crackle problems with my project playing. They only arise when I click on tracks and the graphics display needs to update.

On Mac, a lot has changed.
On PC, I don’t know

well, maybe its more like a click than actual crackle… it isnt smooth, for sure…