ASIO guard in Cubase 8.5

I can’t find this.

If I go to the place it was on 7.5 (Devices -> plugin information) the tab for VST plugins doesn’t exist.

I can’t find any specific info about this for this version - any ideas?
asio guard.jpg


These are MIDI Plug-ins, which are still listed in the same place. If you ask for the Audio (VST) plug-is, open Plug-In Manager from the Devices menu.

asio 2.jpg
Thanks - I have found that now - but it still doesn’t show a tab for ASIO guard.
Screenshot is from 8.5 just now

Does anyone know where this function moved to in Cubase 8.5?

Aha - I think I may have found it.

If you click the _i_button bottom left it opens a panel for the plugin selected and you can turn ASIO on / off there.

Does anyone know if there is a view which shows this info at a glance for all plugs?

Indeed is there any value in turning ASIO guard off in any circumstances these days?

Thank you Martin for pointing me in the right direction.
asio 3.jpg

The “i” button in italics that should’ve read


I’m sorry, there is no the view, which shows info at glance for all plug-ins.