ASIO Guard; is 7.5 an improvement over 7 on OSX?

Thread title pretty much says it all. From the poll conducted on this here forum it appeared that ASIOguard was a mixed bag for OSX users, I wonder if things have improved with 7.5?

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It has for me, less issues with a 512 Kb buffer not going into the red on the ASIO meter. In general, it feels more stable and useable.

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I would have thought that a 512 buffer would suffice even without ASIO guard. I did 256 on my old iMac using C4, and now 128 using C6.5

I was hoping to hear from people who run at 128 or lower, anyone?

I’m not trying to hijack the tread! :slight_smile:
I just wanted to say that for Cubase 7.5 and with [Windows 7 x64].

It seem to benefit to activate “ASIO-guard” again even on newer and faster computers VS Cubase 7.

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Do you use any VI’s? When ever I use just a Kontact drum track with the remainder of tracks being audio or audio instrument tracks, I can only get down to a 256 Kb buffer. CS.

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Turned ASIO Guard on when it was first released and hardly even thought about it again.
It just seems to work.

No probs here @
A…64—>128—>256 buffer setting for tracking.
B…256 and above for playback.

Using a ‘MIDI guitar’ as a controller here (which has it’s own built-in latency).


I wonder if things have improved with 7.5?

My litmus test for checking to see if ASIO Guard has improved any since its introduction in C7.0.0 is this little sequence:
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Here’s the test:

• Make sure ASIO Guard is ON in Device Setup and that both Retrologue and Padshop have ASIO Guard checked ON in the Plug-In Information menu.

While in Play, select either track and toggle the selection between them, using the up/down arrows.

Do you get a noticeable audio glitch as you switch Track selections? Does the CPU meter rises about 10-15% as you activate and deactivate ASIO Guard?

I get a yes to both questions. I see no improvement since they introduced it.

I did not do a comprehensive test comparing 7 vs 7.5 on OSX, but from my observations so far, it appears to be working better on an 8-core machine. Wish I could help more, but suffice it to say, I though 7 felt somewhat like a Windows app ported to Mac, I hate to say. But 7.5 feels more natural, more like a Mac application developed from the beginning to be on a Mac. I’m sure my impression is not technically correct, but there was a difference to me. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!

Yes, I mostly use Komplete 8, HalionSonic 2, Halion 5, Trillian and Alchemy Player. Sometimes I’ll fire up Goliath, but not often. I’m generally okay with 128, but with bigger instruments I may need to freeze. I play most of piano and rhodes parts on the NordPiano, though, and I still get some use out of my FantomX7, too.

Halion5 is a real resource hog, though. Playing chords on that thing quickly maxes out my system, but a very involved Scarbee Rhodes part will hit my machine as well.

I have Mainstage 2 as well, and it is frustrating to see how instruments are noticeably better behaved there. But I don’t get along with Logic, so I was hoping that ASIO Guard will help. If not, I am half of the mind to just permanently bootcamp my '09 MacPro into Windows and stay there. I still have my MacBookAir for everything else.

Thanks for your reply. Good to get perspective. I’m still on 6.5.5 so I can’t do the test, obviously.

Thanks both for your replies.