ASIO GUARD not usable


i will post this Cubase 7 forum post hier

ASIO GUARD is really not usable.!

This Feature will do the opposite of the this what it should do!

If there is an Admin Online.

Please explain why this feature will work in this way and is the reason for a lot of new VST Problems
i never had before on my System.


How do you mean, exactly, not usable?
With what plugins?
I’m running here with UAD, Waves, Voxengo, Nomads, Sonnox, Softube etc and have no trouble at all…

Yes please, be more specific about it.
With very much the same Plugs, with the addition of Brainworx, Virsyn, Spectrasonics, LAWO, Melodyne, SPL…,
I have not noticed any problems, yet.
But it is surely good to look into this, what could bother more users, too.

Big K

I have test it with and without Asiogard. No problems, but no difference also. I don’t know, it’s better On or Off …