Asio Guard peaks even when not recording

I’m using windows 10, Nuendo 12 pro upgraded from Cubase 11, I have an external usb Roland Rubix 44, I have 3 external hard drives, 1 dedicated to music, 1 to video and 1 to music /video production, I have nothing on my computer except Cubase 11, Nuendo 12 and Wave elements 11, I run my Vocals thru a small mixer Yamaha MG06X, I run my Guitar thru a K&K Pure Preamp and all are plugged into the Roland Rubix 44, I record guitar and vocals separately and add drums , bass and effects thru a Roland A300 Pro Keyboard, I had no trouble until this last week and it doesn’t matter if I record just an Acoustic guitar by its self, a Middi track or vocals the Asio Guard peaks out and destroys my tracks, I have changed power scheme, my cpu is not overloading, Ive reinstalled the Asio driver I am running out of ideas, can someone please throw a few ideas at me, it would be much appreciated.

I have found to some extent that the overload is happening when I use Wave plugins only thing left to try is delete and re-install all plugins and see if that helps but it is a real p;ain and time consuming when I could be recording

I don’t think that ASIO guard is the problem.

I think your right there mate, asio guard is letting me know I have a problem and as it seems to happen mostly when I use Wave plugins, today I will do a fresh install of Waves and see how that goes