ASIO Guard / Performance

Hi, I have been experiencing some problems with ASIO Guard and performance.

I am working on a relatively small project and the performance has a strange behaviour. For example, I am mixing using 1024 buffer and ASIO Guard on normal and performance is like 75%. If I change AG to low and apply, It turns into 20%, then I change back to normal, and it goes to 25-30%.

I tried also with 2048 buffer, or disabling ASIO Guard but performance has crazy spikes. Sometimes while recording I get errors and recording stops.

Also I have been experiencing a problem when I change buffer on my sound card control panel, Cubase 8 says the audio has been disconnected, so I have to select the generic driver to be able to close the error message, and then re enable my card from Cubase control panel and remap all IN/OUT again… It’s very annoying.

I am using Cubase Pro 8 32bit on windows 8.1 64, core i5, 8GB ram, RME hdsp 9652 / Yamaha DM2000v2 (and also UAD 1, since some people are saying UAD causing trouble with Cubase 8).

Anyone else having trouble like this?