Asio-Guard setting for old Computer - better to set Asio Guard on “high”?

Hi there,

I run Cubase 12 with an old PC (Intel Core 2 Q 6600@3,6 ghz + 8GO RAM) and a Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen.
Of course I have to to pay attention regarding the CPU usage but I can again use Cubase in descent conditions (thanks Steinberg !).

With a buffer size at 192 I’ve got a latency at 9 ms in and 9 ms out wich is enough for playing VST instruments.

My question is about Asio Guard setting. For the moment I let it on “normal” but sometimes I have some glitches when I use several VSTs (especially each very first playing project).

If I’m not mistaken only playback is concerned with AG so in my case, I suppose it’s better to set Asio Guard on “high” regarding the CPU usage ? Are you agree with that and is there a downside ?

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Hi… I think the only negative consequence will be increased latency.

Hi, which latency ? The asio guard latency ?
If I understand well it’s not a big deal. I don’t care if there’s a latency when I move the faders or buttons.
What I’m looking for is a latency under 10 ms to play vst instruments and a good stability for the playback of my projects.

I think this is just something you have to try if it works with your computer and your projects and if it is an improvement. Yeah, Asio Guard on high uses a bigger buffer, but that is irrelevant for the record enabled track.

There was a post in this forum from a Steinberg dev who recommended you set your ASIO Guard buffer dependent on your audio interface buffer. (I did a quick search but couldn’t find the post.)
Basically, low interface ASIO buffer = low ASIO Guard buffer and vice versa.

Interesting, I didn’t know that. Tbh, I don’t even know what setting I have currently. If it works, it works :wink:

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Interesting, thanks !
So if follow this advice it’s exactly the opposite of my thoughts !
For a buffer size at 192, Asio Guad should be set to “Low”.
But maybe it depends of the amount of memory too. I’ve got only 8Go RAM.

I will test that soon.

I think the advice is read wrong. Asio guard buffer should not be the same or smaller then asio buffer itself. The advice is not to keep the asio buffer small, but bigger then the asio guard. But it is not put very clear. Large will always work

Im using an old i7 3770k and have been experimenting with the Asio guard and to me there’s no happy medium , i either have the guard OFF or on low where the peak meter will be on half way on the Asio meter OR i’ll have the Asio Guard on High which basically swaps the Peak level over to the Asio Guard but there’s no happy medium , nothing in the middle to share the load . If that makes sense , so i either have high level Peak or high Level Guard